Montreal Islamic centre gets axe thrown through window

Written on the axe were the words “F—- Liberals” and “we will exterminate Muslims,” the community centre’s director, Adil Charkaoui, confirmed to CBC News.

Stay classy, Quebec!

“Whether your job was coding, or drawing, or painting, or sculpting, nobody had a monopoly on creativity […]” – Gabriel Schlumberger

Video: Slomo

Dr. John Kitchin quit a medical career to pursue his passion: skating along the boardwalk of San Diego’s Pacific Beach. He calls himself “Slomo.”

Now I want to go to Pacific Beach just to give Slomo a high-five.

Japan's Antarctic whaling program not scientific, world court says

The International Court of Justice on Monday ordered a temporary halt to Japan’s Antarctic whaling program, ruling that it is not for scientific purposes as the Japanese government had claimed.


Wes Anderson // Centered

There are a lot of reasons to like Wes Anderson’s work. My reason: everything is centred.

kogonada over at Vimeo does a great job with this video at displaying the precision and beauty in Anderson’s films, and to be quite honest, it only makes me want to see The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) more!

Julius Peppers agrees to 3-year deal with Green Bay Packers, according to report

Not only do the Packers pick up a player who has amassed 119 sacks in 12 years, but they also take that player away from a divisional rival. The Bears cut Peppers partially for salary cap reasons but he is also coming off of one of his least productive seasons with 7.5 sacks. Peppers had 22.5 sacks from 2011-12 so he’s not far removed from quality pass rushing numbers.

I shouldn’t be this excited for this signing, but I am. Peppers was constantly one of the main reasons why I was worried when the Packers played the Bears.

His experience alone is going to make this a worthwhile acquisition.

CBC's hard French accent

Is it just me or does Sun News’ Brian Lilley sound just like Glenn Beck? That segment was absolutely ridiculous. I can’t believe it even made it on air…

Update: Brian apologizes on Twitter
Update 2: The video has since been taken down from Sun’s website. Figures. You can now watch it over on Huffington Post.

What the Heck is Happening to Windows?

Windows 8 is not well-designed. It’s a mess. But Windows 8 is a bigger problem than that. Windows 8 is a disaster in every sense of the word.

You know something’s wrong when Paul Thurrott is shitting all over Windows.

Le cinéma Excentris diffusera en salles... et sur le web

À compter du vendredi 7 février, le cinéma Excentris de Montréal offrira certains titres de sa programmation à la fois en salles… et sur le web. Cette nouvelle plateforme, établie en partenariat avec l’Office national du film (ONF), a l’objectif de rendre plus accessible, notamment au public vivant à l’extérieur de la métropole, des oeuvres francophones issues du cinéma d’auteur d’ici et d’ailleurs.

Ohhh, I really like this idea! Well done, Excentris. Well done.

Lenovo to acquire Motorola Mobility

The smartphone market is super competitive, and to thrive it helps to be all-in when it comes to making mobile devices. It’s why we believe that Motorola will be better served by Lenovo—which has a rapidly growing smartphone business and is the largest (and fastest-growing) PC manufacturer in the world.

That’s $9.59 billion dollars in the garbage (not including all of the money they threw away for lawyers in court). Good job, Google!

EDIT: According the The Verge’s Nilay Patel, Google only lost $7 billion. I guess it’s not as bad, right?